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Who we are .

The Biogas Power Holdings East Africa Limited is a duly and legally registered company under the companies Act of the republic of Kenya.The company started doing business on 17th May 2004. We are located at Kilifi, 55km North of Mombasa.  

We own and operate what is currently the biggest biogas plant in Kenya. The plant is at the Kilifi Plantations Limited (KPL) premises. We transform agricultural wastes in the form of cow manure and sisal bogas from KPL’s daily activities into energy in the form of electricity and heat. We have a close working relationship with gtz (German Technical Cooperation) and with their help; we are close to breaking into the Carbon Market. 

The technology that we enjoy at Kilifi is being used in over 200 plants all around Europe. Having been the only company in the country that has been exposed to such technology for years, we are confident that we can put to use the immense experience that we have gathered over the years to our client’s benefit.