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 Welcome to a Cleaner World.

Energy is a basic ingredient in the development of any economy. We at the Biogas Power Holdings East Africa Limited aim at supplying our customers with clean and sustainable energy that will not only fuel economic growth but also protect nature and the environment. We lead our customers away from fossil energy supplies and a very costly unreliable electricity grid towards a decentralised supply from a renewable climate friendly energy source.


Our clients get a chance to enjoy proven state of art biogas technology from pronounced manufacturers in Europe. Having a total installed power of more than 75MW, our mother company, agriKomp GmbH, is one of the leading German biogas plant manufacturers. There are currently more than 1000 plants worldwide built or equipped by agroKomp GmbH.  


We are in partnership with Schnell Motors Incorporated Company through Schnell Zündstrahlmotoren AG & Co.KG. They specialize in the production of efficient biogas engines. With over 1500 machines run worldwide and various awards for developing their revolutionary electronic ignition system, it is clear that they are a market leader in the industry. 


We are here to serve you and provide you with a clean, reliable and efficient alternative energy source.  We encourage you to explore this website and find out more about us in our quest to empower a wasteful world.